Saturday, 22 October 2011

Another early morning

In what we are calling an improvement is some lame attempt to delude ourselves Charlie woke at 4 this morning. At least this time she wasn't asking to go home! Just water and crackers again. With some Octonauts on the iPad we made it to 6 then went down for breakfast. The breakfast here is quite enjoyable although the setting would be nicer if we were able to sit out on the river deck. We are getting used to a different breakfast so it was fruit, spring rolls, chicken and rice this morning. Tina even had some chicken soup. We are both feeling fine and having no problems with the food so far. Our diet is primarily Asian at home anyway so perhaps that helps. My plan to get a better sleep in tomorrow (which I formulated around 5 this morning) is to sleep when Charlie has her afternoon sleep then after dinner we are going swimming for at least two hours hopefully getting her to bed around 10.

Not much planned today, we are going to explore the local area and look into a couple of tours, some temples and buddhas and possibly a zoo or aquarium. And of course we will go searching for some random street food places for lunch and dinner. Hopefully we'll have more success today.

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  1. This is great. We are at Chin Chin tonight. Waiting downstairs at the GoGo bar for a table.