Sunday, 23 October 2011

Bai Krapow (Grapow)

For those wondering about the title of this blog it is taken from the Thai name for Holy Basil (Bai Krapow). This is different from what we know as Thai or Sweet Basil (Bai Horapa) which is more purple in colour and has an aniseed taste. Krapow has a more peppery flavour. The Indians use it as an offering hence the holy reference, the Thai eat it! It is most commonly used in one of my favorite dishes Pad Krapow. I haven't had this here yet but it is certain to be on my plate soon. This is another dish available in Melbourne however holy basil is rarely used and it is often substituted with common basil. Many times I have asked and been assured that Krapow is being used only to find that this isn't the case. I use either when cooking it at home (sometimes many times a week) depending on what is available and actually find the common basil version very delicious. I couldn't resist when I saw a fresh bunch available for 9 Baht. Such a big fresh looking bunch so much better than the tiny wilted blackened specimens available at home for $2 a bunch.



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