Saturday, 22 October 2011

Central World

A nice lady in Chinatown suggested to us we would be better off going to Central World to buy a stroller and pointed to a spot on our map that was close to where we told her we were staying. Of course we forgot almost immediately the name of the area. After some great detective work by Tina we worked out that we needed to go to Central World Phrapinklao.

While we waited for Charlie to wake we took turns ducking up to the rooftop pool which has fantastic views and in the heat of the day is an oasis.

Around 40 Baht got us to CW in a taxi and went to the the information desk where we were told to go to the 4th floor. This was to be a great start in what was a very impressive display of how to provide exceptional customer service. The two staff who served us were happy to pull out about 10 strollers and they knew everything about all of them including how to fold them up and down which they expertly demonstrated with every model we pointed to. We settled on a Cool Kids model which was 3250 Baht so around $100. We were almost euphoric by this stage and Charlie loved it.

As we were on a high from finally achieving our mission we then wandered around looking for a hat and sunglasses for Charlie as she us constantly claiming mine. We found a pretty special pair that Charlie just loves!

We did see a large selection of the wooden Plan toys that Dad mentioned but we were now getting hungry so it was time to go. We will definitely be back.


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