Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Deep Fried Snapper in Sweet Chilli Sauce Heaven!

We arrived back at the resort at about 12:30 and wandered the 50 meters to the restaurant where we plonked ourselves down and ordered Mojitos. After seeing so many beautiful fish up close snorkeling I had a hankering fit fish. We settled on the snapper with sweet chilli sauce accompanied by a prawn fried rice The prawn fried rice was lovely but the fish was divine. The sweet chilli sauce had pineapple and capsicum and was so so tasty. The fish had been deep fried and was deliciously crispy and chewy. I absolutely monstered it and wasn't satisfied til I had sucked of every little sceric of flesh and scooped up all of the sauce to pour over the fried rice. This is one of Dad's tricks and it's a cracker. Tina thought so too. I was left reconsidering my policy of not repeating meals as I'm not sure I can leave here without trying this again. It was an absolutely superb preparation for snapper and one I'll definitely be trying to reproduce back home. It looks like my other policy of not using fruit in savory meals is also out the window! Hey as I say, I have strong opinions about a lot of things but am also prepared to change my mind about them in a heartbeat! I was also left thinking about what my top 10 meal list from this holiday would be, this dish would definitely be close to number one! There's still a long way to go though.. It's going to be tough!

Oh, and we got Charlie some strawberry ice cream for being such a champion. Yep, she enjoyed it in her own special way.



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