Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Dinner and Dancing

While Charlie and I had an afternoon sleep Tina snuck off for a Thai massage. The rate is 300 Baht ($10) for an hour so at that price they are very addictive. She found it wonderful and returned feeling very relaxed. I resolved to do the same tomorrow.

We went down early for dinner and broke the rule if not repeating orders and got the sweet chilli snapper again. It was that good the first time and gist as good the second time. I think it was even a bit spicier this time. Charlie had a sandwich that she hardly touched, maybe too many sandwiches for lunch! The krumping boy whose name is Kheano and his family arrived just after we had finished eating and him and Charlie had a great time playing together while we enjoyed the usual array of cocktails. After not too long the music started and the kids took the stage. We were excited to see how Charlie would react to Kheano's krumping moves and we weren't disappointed. Charlie tried her best to copy his moves and did pretty well but she has a more contemporary style running from once side of the stage to the other. She even tried a handstand which was very graceful! We met Kheano's parents who live on London. He is from Jamaica and she us from Russia but raised in Spain. They were both lovely people and we agreed to share a long boat to the Blue Lagoon the next morning so the kids could go swimming together. After lots of dancing and laughing we returned to our room around 10 totally exhausted once again. Charlie has worked out how to take photos with the phone and although most are either self portraits or out of focus I have posted some of the better ones.



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