Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Ferry to Phi Phi

On arriving at Ratchada pier we were bit disheartened to find that the ferry didn't leave until 1:30, a 90 minute wait. It also meant that Charlie's afternoon sleep was out the window as we knew the ferry was 2 hours followed by 10 minutes in a long boat plus the check in rigmarole. We settled in for the wait and were called onto the ferry at around 1, there weren't many people boarding so it looked like a pleasant trip ahead. The weather was a bit cloudy but the rain had mostly stopped. For whatever reason the ferry didn't leave until 2 and many many more people boarded, I don't think there were many vacant seats, if any. When we finally got going the trip was quite smooth, just a bit bumpy which Charlie enjoyed. She made friends with an Indian girl and they kept each other occupied for most of the trip. The time passed pretty quickly and soon we could see Phi Phi out the window. It is certainly an imposing sight with huge rock formations forging out from the ocean. Once we rounded the island we could see lots of boats and the Tonsai Bay pier. I went to the front of the ferry and took a few photos.


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