Thursday, 27 October 2011

Kathathani Resort

We arrived in Phuket yesterday day afternoon and after about an hours drive we arrived at the Kathathani Resort. Its very different to what we are used to as it's the sort of place you don't really leave. They have lots of beautiful pools, multiple restaurants and bars and the beach is absolutely gorgeous. Charlie was a bit frazzled after a long day traveling although she was very well behaved. We put her to bed and retired to the balcony for a few drinks. Our room is on the ground level near one of the many pools and Tina quickly worked out that we could. order cocktails by waving to one of the nearby bars and the bartender would come to us! After our first cocktail happy hour started so we tried our best to enjoy as many cocktails as possible. We did pretty well and sampled the PiƱa Colada, Banana Colada, Mai Thai, Kata Sunset, Coconut Connection and Top of Siam. All were very enjoyable and it doesn't look like much beer will be consumed while we are here. I had resigned to not having any wine while we are in Thailand as although it us available I'm not certain how good it is. Charlie woke just as it got dark and we headed out to the local area for dinner. Although the resort has a lot of food options they are all very expensive and we also wanted to have a look around. We there wasn't much around last night and we found three Lonely Planet restaurants and picked the busiest one. We had some nice soy steamed fish and crab fried rice but the prawn glass noodle salad was terrible and Tina sent it back. We have never sent a meal back before anywhere as far as I can remember. Even funnier were the Mojitos that Tina ordered, they were loaded with Tequila and although served in classy glasses shaped like naked ladies we found them undrinkable so Tina had these changed for some other cocktail I can't remember. Fortunately the special glasses were still used! Charlie has Fish and Chips and absolutely loved it! On the way home she proclaimed it 'amazing' and 'best dinner ever'. It was our most expensive meal so far at $30 and although the fish and rice were good it was my least favorite meal of the holiday. I may need to rebase my expectations after the culinary highs of Bangkok. The resort does not offer free wifi, only free Internet as special computer rooms so blogging will be less frequent and spontaneous. We were also a bit disappointed as our room was advertised with three separate living areas so we thought we would have a room for Charlie. This was not the case and it's actually just one big room that is very nice but just not what we expected. We did book this one through Agoda though so perhaps we won't do that again. The beach is absolutely spectacular and that's the main reason we are here. After we got back to the room we turned on the tv for Charlie to settle before but but got hooked on and Australian documentary on the Shintaro tv series. It was classic. I took some photos of the food but they are on my camera so I'll try and upload them later.


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