Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Long Boat to Phi Phi The Beach

Our resort is Phi Phi The Beach and can only be accessed by hiking trail or longboat so when we got off the ferry there was the usual waiting around the we boarded a longboat. This was a but of a scary one as I had to jump in carrying Charlie while wearing thongs. I was very careful and obviously holding Charlie nice and tight! When I landed in the boat the floorboard snapped under my weight (Charlie's too), I managed to stay upright and was actually pretty lucky as aside from a tiny but of bruising I came away unscathed. I'm pretty sure the boards were weakened by salt water as I have eaten a lot this trip but not that much! Charlie was still powering on and it good spirits. We were worried she wouldn't be keen on the longboat but it wasn't a problem and she seemed to enjoy it. The longboat took about 15 minutes to get to the resort and we made our way to reception. Charlie had a rush of excitement and started running off on some hard sand, she came unstuck and did a ripper faceplant. It was one of those ones where you legs almost go right over your head! Of course she came up crying but we were both so proud when after being carried for 10 steps she wanted to get down and walk again. A couple of minutes later she was laughing away lime it never happened. After such a big day with no sleep we were very impressed.

Ou resort is on a hill and has lots of bungalows set into the hill. I took a photo from the ferry. Ours is right at the top and the view is incredible. They have a golf buggy which transports us up and down the hill. We got to our room around 5 and put Charlie down for a bit of a sleep while we took in the view, with beers of course. The room is excellent and very spacious. The private outdoor shower with a view is pretty special. After a few drinks we woke Charlie at 7 and called for a buggy to take us down to dinner.



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