Saturday, 29 October 2011

Red Chair

Last night we went for dinner at Red Chair, a local restaurant recommended by our driver and not to be confused with Red Chair Plus which is across the road and judging by the fact it was empty it is probably not so plus! Red Chair was a little bit western but nowhere near as much as all the other places in Kata, it was probably a 50/50 Thai/Farang (Foreigner) crowd. The food was great and the place had a lovely balmy atmosphere. We ate chicken Panang curry with rice and fried egg. This was great and came out very quickly. Charlie immediately claimed the egg so we asked for another which arrived in less than 10 seconds! The curry was light and not too spicy, we haven't had a lot if rice dishes so far but I'm sure this will change when we return to Bangkok. Next was Pad See Euw (pretty sure that is the wrong spelling) which is a wide flat noodle stir fry. I don't usually go for the wide flat Thai noodles but this was delicious. Of course we had to have something deep fried as it seems no meal is complete without it so tonight it was prawns accompanied by the usual sweet chilli dipping sauce. This was crispy and yummy as you would expect but probably not too authentic, it did go well with our beers though. Charlie had fried chicken and chips which is always a winner. Of course I tried some of the chicken, it was deliciously succulent. Our driver returned to take us home and we the whole deal took an hour which was perfect as Charlie was worn out as usual and crashed once we got back to the room.



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