Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Romantic Dinner for Two!

The babysitter arrived on time and we knew it was going to be one of the staff from the resort. They are all very lovely so we were happy with that. The cost was 1,000 Baht for 6 to 11 which we thought was a great deal. The lady arrived and her husband accompanied her as her English was not as good as his. They were both very attentive and we felt very comfortable leaving Charlie with them. After all we were just a couple of hundred meters down the hill anyway.

We settled in to enjoying some cocktails as always and ordered some chicken satay sticks. Somehow we hadn't eaten any satay yet. It's another favourite of ours and these lasted just a few seconds. The satay sauce was a bit sweeter than we are used to but no less delicious. We sampled our way through the cocktail menu trying more Mojitos and PiƱa Coladas but also adding Mango and Strawberry Daiquiris to our ever growing list of favourites. For dinner we decided to Ty the seafood BBQ, you just select and pay for the seafood you want and they grill it for you over charcoal. I went up with every intention of choosing a nice snapper but came back to the table having ordered Lobster and Squid! We also ordered a seafood salad to go with our BBQ. After a few more cocktails our BBQ arrived. The Lobster was delicious, creamy in parts and more fleshy and prawn like in other. I can't really compare it as I don't remember having Lobster before. We will definitely try it again if we get the chance. The BBQ came with four dipping sauces and I have no idea what they were, one was spicy and limey and my favourite. The squid was disappointing and quite tough and rubbery. We fed most if it to one of the cats that was hanging around. The seafood salad was ok but not close to as food as the fried fish salad. If we were at home we'd have stuck with what we knew was good but I have a bit of an issue with ordering the same thing twice while we are here so sometimes you win and sometimes you don't. We we're bothered though as we were quite full anyway and the Lobster was so tasty.

After dinner we moved closer to the beach to watch the amazing fire twirlers and talk about getting our sticks out in the park when we get home. It was tempting to have a go but there's nothing like a few serious burns to dampen the holiday enjoyment so we stuck to watching. They were all very good and really generated some speed spinning the firestick, also throwing it swirling into the air then catching it without disrupting the spin of the firestick. Another highlight was a little boy a but older than Charlie who was doing some super cool krumping! We spoke to his father who was Jamaican and he told us he had been teaching him. If Charlie had seen his moves I think it would have rocked her world!

We managed to stay and watch until about 10:30 when we decided to head back to the room. Charlie was fast asleep and we were told she was very well behaved with no crying, just a little bit of reluctance going to bed. She definitely made two new friends, they both made comment that they had enjoyed looking after her and that she is very funny.



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