Sunday, 23 October 2011

Roti Mutaba

For dinner we decided on another restaurant I had read about Roti Mutaba. Apparently a common story of a street vendor who after many years of hard work on the street opened s small restaurant. Roti Mutaba is of course a Roti restaurant run by a Muslim couple. I believe that the Muslim vendors in Bangkok are renowned for their Massaman curry which although a Thai dish has Muslim origins. So of course we ordered Massaman with roti and decided to try the green curry and some samosas and fish cakes for Charlie. The Massaman was something very special unlike any I have tried before. Even better than my competition winning version from Christmas 2009! It was very sweet and fruity and absolutely delicious. Maybe Grandma was onto something with her fruit curries? The green curry was also delicious but much more like what we are used to in a green curry. This one was loaded with scuds that I bravely (or possibly foolishly) tried, pow it was a hot one! I don't usually eat whole birds eye chilies instead we add them nicely sliced in small pieces. I convinced Tina to try one and she immediately reached for the water. For some reason I went back for another which was just as hot so convinced of their power I left it at that. The fish cakes and samosas were also very enjoyable especially the samosa dipping sauce which had slices of the Thai cucumbers which are definitely different to the ones we get at home. I almost forgot to mention the roti! It was handmade and much smaller than we are used to but lovely and flakey and perfect with curry. Charlie devoured it and we had to order a couple of extra serves. They also make a sweet roti but we were far to stuffed to partake but I'm sure we'll get another opportunity as the restaurant is about 50 meters down the road from our hotel.



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