Friday, 28 October 2011

Shopping Frenzy at Patong

After a few cocktails the balcony in the afternoon we decided to head to Patong in the evening as our driver told us the department store there was the best shopping in Phuket. We resigned ourselves to the overpriced taxi fare there (500 Baht = $15 one way) and decided to worry about dinner later. We both went pretty crazy and took turns trying things on and looking after Charlie. I bought a few Nike shorts and tops for gym and Tina got a couple of gym outfits and some nice summer dresses. I felt the prices were vey reasonable but the range was also so much better. When we looked at the time it was after 8 so I took Charlie to McDonalds for nuggets and fries. Yes she liked both. Feeling happy with our efforts we negotiated a taxi back to Kata for 400 Baht but when we mentioned the name of the hotel the price rose to 500 Baht! The taxis are a definite racket in Phuket and I can understand why everyone hires scooter however this obviously isn't an option for us. At least they are all air conditioned with seatbelts. Strangely there is no difference in price for a tuk tuk or a taxi which is a bit weird given the obvious difference in comfort and safety. Needing food once we got home we optedrw for crab fried rice and garlic pepper chicken takeaway from across the road. It was cheap and unmemorable. We didn't mind though as it was our best day shopping so far.



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