Wednesday, 26 October 2011

T & K Seafood

Tonight we headed back to Chinatown to visit the very well known T & J Seafood restaurant. This place is recommended in all of my guides so was a definite must try. We had a taxi driver with good English who told us the water is expected to peak in 7 days which is nor promising for our return to Bangkok but we will stick by our philosophy of not worrying about things outside of our control and hope for the best. On our way there it started to rain for the first time since we have arrived. The driver knew the restaurant and dropped us right out front which is a luxury we have now come to appreciate. Once again the food was fantastic! We ate crab shells stuffed with a crab and vermicelli mix, tempura calamari, huge prawns in an amazing chilli sauce and crab fried rice. All of it was absolutely delicious. The crab fried rice I have cooked at home and can appreciate more having cooked it as removing flesh from crabs is a very fiddly and time consuming process. My favorite though was the stuffed crab shells. I had seen these in pictures and have wanted to try them for ages, they did not disappoint. All of the meals came with either sweet or sour chilli sauces one of which Tina spilled on herself much to her annoyance. It must have been all that eagerness to devour the seafood feast! By the time we finished it had stopped raining and we started to walk off until we realised we hadn't paid. All up it was about $20 which is probably our most expensive meal so far but for so much seafood it seems incredibly cheap. We had planned to visit another market frequented by the young Thai that is under one of the bridges near Chinatown but decided against it as the water was much higher today and with the rain we thought it might not be the best option. Tina was looking for some beach outfits for Phuket and jumped at the suggestion of going to MBK. This was a successful option and she purchased 5 items in about an hour of shopping. We decided to leave at around 8:30 as although Charlie had been an absolute angel we thought it best to get her to bed. We followed the signs to the taxi rank and were a bit concerned to see a line about 30 or more people deep. A tuk tuk driver called out to us 'no queue' and motioned us through. He knew our hotel and for 200 Baht ($6) he drove brilliantly and dropped us at the front entrance. I think this was probably double the standard rate but if I could pay $3 back home every time I wanted to skip a long queue I certainly would.

We are off to Phuket tomorrow and looking forward to a change of pace and some beach time. Charlie has been wonderful and has even taken a liking to tuk tuks screaming 'yippee' as we sped home tonight. We are both very much looking forward to spending some time with her at the beach. I have really appreciated the opportunity to spend so much time with both her and Tina and will be sad when the holiday comes to an end. Bangkok has been everything we hoped for and more. We have eaten so many delicious dishes and still have a lot left on our list for when return. We have covered the area we are staying and the surrounds quite well and have big plans for our time in Sukhumvit and Silom. Tina has just returned to the balcony with two PiƱa Coladas so it's time to go!



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