Saturday, 22 October 2011

Tuk Tuk scam!

After finishing our treats we encountered a Tuk Tuk operator with very good English who offered us a tour for 10 Baht each. We questioned why so cheap and he explained that the Government was giving free fuel today. We didn't want to see as many temples as he was offering but agreed to go to two sites and he explained that we needed to do another shopping stop so he could get his fuel voucher. We realised that something wasn't right but decided to go anyway. Then after we had agreed he called over another man who was to be our driver. Feeling like it was too late to back out we jumped in and off we went. Charlie was very vocal about her dislike for Tuk Tuks once again so it looks like it will be Taxis for us from here on in. He took us to a lovely temple with many Buddhas and we bought some birds for Charlie to release which she very much enjoyed. Although after releasing them she asked for another one! As always Charlie received a lot of attention and was happy to pose for a few photos for some of the Asian tourists.



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