Sunday, 23 October 2011

Wang Lang market

After leaving the reclining Buddha we caught a ferry back upriver to the Wang Lang market for lunch. The ferry ride was pretty dodgy, I think the weekend skipper was on duty and the boats were very full. On one stop he docked not quite parallel to the pier and of course the boat started turning in the current. The attendant was hurrying people off the boat and we then heard a loud crack as something broke when the boat became perpendicular with the pier. Not that the captain seemed at all worried! He just let it turn all the way around and the remaining passengers disembarked. We got off at the next stop which was the Wang Lang market and wandered around as usual buying lots of street food including Miang, Kanom Tuoy, Dim Sims and another coconut treat that I don't know the name of. After a while we found a little establishment where we ate some absolutely delicious duck noodles (2 serves) and duck with rice. Very simple food but extremely tasty. I am going to try and cook this one at home for sure. I tried to ask what noodles I was eating with no luck. I thought they may have been Kanom Jin but now I'm not so sure.


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