Friday, 21 October 2011

Yaorawaj Chinatown

So we successfully caught the ferry to Yaorawaj in search of a stroller this morning. Yes we realised this wasn't the best place to find one but we were determined not to head straight to MBK. When we got there around 9am of course everything was closed and Charlie quickly became very heavy. We found our bearing to where Colin had taken us on our last visit which was comforting but not much use really. We did find one shop with strollers but nothing that really suited so rather than head home empty-handed we decided to use my food guide to get some Thai style Hainanese chicken with rice (Khao Man Gai). We flagged down a tuk tuk and showed him the guide and in typical Thai style he said he knew how to get there we really he had no idea! So with Charlie screaming "I don't like tuk tuk" he drove madly through Chinatown and to his credit at least took us to a place that served the meal we showed him. It was very tasty albeit not a very large serve. I suppose you can expect that when the meal costs $1 each.



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