Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Back to the Blue Lagoon

As the coffee machine at the resort is broken I thought I'd try the ice tea that a lot of the locals drink. It is made from a milt tea sachets that is mixed with carnation milk and hot water then added to a glass of ice. I have seen this available I'm Melbourne and Amy has recommended it to me a few times but I had never tried it. It was deliciously sweet and actually doesn't taste much like tea. I assume it is the same as the pulled tea we had in Bangkok as they tasted quite similar.

After breakfast we organised a long boat with our new friends Khurt and Sarah and of course Kheano. We haggled them to 1,200 Baht for all of us which we thought was pretty good. We only wanted to go to the Blue Lagoon for a couple of hours rather that the full Phi Phi Ley tour. We arrived there early and were happy to find it not very busy with only a few long boats. We all had a great time swimming, snorkeling and jumping off the boat. I took better photos this time too. We haven't been to many of the secluded beaches and islands but this spot is our definite favourite. For some reason I prefer swimming off the boat rather than the beach. The water here is so crystal blue and it has a beautiful sandy bottom which is much nicer than some of the beaches which are quite rocky. There are a few rocky parts that are great for snorkeling and we saw some beautiful fish that come right up to you. Some of them are even a bit territorial and even though they are around 20 cm long they have no problem charging right at you! After a couple of hours many more boats arrived including the noisy speed boats so our Captain suggested a quieter beach where Charlie and Kheano played in the sand while we took turns relaxing on the beach and snorkeling. We returned home exhausted as always and both life fell asleep on the boat trip back. When we hit the beach we headed straight for the restaurant as per usual and after another ice tea it was more cocktails. It's a bit of a routine but definitely an enjoyable one. For lunch I ordered the sweet chilli sauce again but this time with prawns, once again it was delicious. Tina has a Thai chicken salad which she enjoyed and I thought was ok but really not spicy enough for me. We got Charlie some spring rolls as she is always asking for them but she wasn't hungry. This wasn't a problem and Tina and I easily finished them off.



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