Saturday, 5 November 2011

Hoy Tod and Pad Thai

The babysitter arrived at 12 as arranged, it was the same girl as the previous night and we had arranged for her to look after Charlie until 5. We had planned to go to Chatichuk weekend market but after speaking to Colin he told us that it was cancelled so instead we decided to check out Platinum Fashion Mall.

I had read that Hoy Tod (fried oyster omlette) was a good hangover food and there was a good place recommended in one of my guides near the Thong Lo BTS. They also serve an authentic Pad Thai wrapped in egg so we headed straight there. As you can imagine, the oysters were a bit confronting but I did as instructed and sprayed it with the chilli sauce provided and found it to be quite delicious. The omlette is fried in lots of oil and the egg is crispy and yummy in the edges and the oysters and plump and succulent. This is definitely not a meal I have seen on any menu in Melbourne so of course it was on my must try list. The Pad Thai was equally good and the fine egg wrapping is pretty cool. This version was nowhere near as rich in tamarind flavour as the version we tried at Rimtang in Phuket so I an still in the dark as to what constitutes an authentic Pad Thai. One thing I am sure about is that they have all been delicious!



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