Friday, 4 November 2011

Leaving Phuket

Our flight from Phuket to Bangkok was quite smooth save for a few circles of the airport waiting for a landing slot. Charlie was well behaved for the flight and seems to be getting accustomed to the traveling. My impression of Phuket was not the best, Phi Phi was wonderful but I found Phuket to be very touristy and the food on general not so great. It is tough to be compared with Bangkok though! I also must admit that I didn't do any research on restaurants in Phuket however even if I had the fixed price taxis are prohibitively expensive and really not conducive to moving around the island in search of anything, especially not for a single purpose trip like finding a restaurant. At 600 to 1,000 Baht to get anywhere further than 5 minutes away it just isn't worth it. We did enjoy Rimtang and Lock Tien but if you are staying at Kata or Patong then the taxi trip is too expensive to be worthwhile. I would love to return to Phi Phi and some of the other islands but in my opinion I would not bother with any of the resorts on Phuket. This is no longer our concern though as we are now back in Bangkok and happy to be here. We have not had any problems with the floods to date (touch wood) and are hopeful that Chatachuk Market will be running this weekend.



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