Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Long Table

After a good afternoon sleep all round we prepared Charlie's dinner and waited for the babysitter to arrive. She was a lovely young Thai girl from the housekeeping staff. Her English wasn't great but good enough to communicate so we felt comfortable.

We made a swift exit and once out of the hotel we realised we hadn't communicated to each other what we were going to do! I thought Tina wanted to go shopping unencumbered when actually she wanted to go for drinks at a nice bar. Unfortunately neither of us had researched any bars so we had to return to the hotel to regroup. Tina spoke with reception while I checked a few blogs and we both came up with the same venue, The Long Table. We caught a taxi there and they found us a couple of seats at the bar no problem, despite us both wearing thongs. The bar is on the 25th floor of the Column Tower just off Sukhumvit Road and as you can image the views are spectacular. Even better, it was happy hour so we immediately ordered a couple of cocktails. Our plan was to gave a few drinks then go to a Ramen place I had read about. Apparently the Ramen in Melbourne is a poor copy of the Japanese original but as Thailand had about a thousand times more Japanese than Australia it has much better Ramen. I have been very interested in this dish ever since Jayden gave me a copy of David Chang's Momufuku and wasn't overly impressed when I tried it in Melbourne but still quite happy with it really. Well after a few cocktails and then a few more we were both feeling quite happy and decided dinner wasn't a priority. We had arranged to be back at 10 which in hindsight was a bit early but then again maybe not. The cocktails at the Long Table were absolutely delicious but much stronger that any we had on Phi Phi or Phuket and we both staggered out tipping everyone within arms reach!

The next morning was not pretty and Tina had a few late night visits to the bathroom so she was feeling pretty sorry for herself... I was also a bit rough but coped well enough to sort Charlie some breakfast and arrange for the babysitter again while coaxing Tina out of bed for another days shopping.



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