Thursday, 10 November 2011

Loy Krathong (Festival of Light and Water) Celebrations

In a major coup Tina has secured a us a 5 pm checkout on our last day which is wonderful as we fly out quite late on the evening. On returning from reception with this great news Tina also discovered that the hotel was having a mini Loy Krathong celebration around the Level 11 swimming pool. This is where you make a Krathong and decorate it with flowers, candles and incense then release it into the river (swimming pool) and make wishes for good fortune. Of course we thought this would be great fun for Charlie do we headed there around 6. Charlie had a great time making her Krathong and we all released them into the pool and made our wishes. The hotel provided all the materials and even some drinks and appetizers. We had lovely chilli prawns and some nice pork meatballs.

Being pretty exhausted from the big days shopping and a late night the previous evening. We arrived hone from Nahm around 11 to find Charlie still awake! She runs rungs around the submissive Thai babysitters. We decided to head back to Soi 38 as it is the closest option and we both felt like duck noodle soup. The soup was fantastic and all three of us enjoyed a bowl, Charlie had hers dry but loved slurping the noodles and Tina and I were happy to raid any of the duck she didn't eat. We also had a great mango shake which I am keen to make at home. They call them shakes but I'm pretty sure there is no dairy content and they are more like a juice slushy. I got Charlie a serve of satay chicken sticks as I didn't realise Tina had ordered her noodles. Of course this was no great problem and between the three of us we consumed them easily. If we weren't full enough Tina got Charlie a lovely bowl of coconut ice cream lathered in condensed milk. It usually comes with a raw egg but Tina opted for an eggless version. This was very popular with Charlie as you would expect! We grabbed ourselves a serve of Mango stick rice from the well known Mae Varee of Sukhumvit Soi 55 to enjoy at home. It was wonderful!



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