Thursday, 3 November 2011

Lunch at Lock Tien

On arriving at Ratchada pier our driver who we had organised on the ferry took us to Phuket old town for lunch. We wanted to return to the restaurant we had been taken to a few days earlier but we didn't know the name and had only a vague idea it was near the main roundabout in the old town district. Combined with the driver's basic English skills we knew it was going to be interesting but after a few loops around the one way street system Tina spotted it. He agreed to wait for us with our luggage in the car. We were both a bit tentative as we had already paid for the ride and he didn't have a lot of incentive to stick around. Our hunger overrode any concerns we had and we enjoyed another great lunch. I had some unfinished business at this establishment and wanted to try the pork spare rib soup noodles. This is a simple dish of pork spare ribs in a light broth and a separate bowl of fried rice vermicelli noodles with crispy onions. The noodles are a bit bland but that is easily remedied with the addition of some chilli flakes, sugar and fish sauce. Tina wanted fried Hokkien noodles but we mistakenly ordered a soup version and even though we quickly corrected our request it was too late and out waitress had already yelled our order to one of the vendors. We ordered Charlie 10 chicken satays as she has developed a liking for these. So much so that she was not prepared to share with us and we had to order our own plate of 20 that Charlie had no problem eating. After lunch we were pleased to find our driver waiting for us. He took us on the 40 minute trip to our next hotel and was very obliging pointing out rubber plantations and other interesting things along the way.



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