Tuesday, 8 November 2011

MBK yet again

Today was our third visit to MBK and we are are definitely getting very familiar with the layout. Even though this is our third visit in as many days it doesn't seem to have slowed our ability to spend money there. We got a few gifts that had been requested and clothes for Charlie. One of the cooler purchases was a cheeky monkey for Charlie. She was so well behaved I couldn't resist this cute little guy for 500 Baht. The other major purchase was a couple of bags full of melamine plates, bowls etc. I had planned on getting some pastel blue and pink noodle bowls like the street vendors use from the Chatachuk market but that didn't work out and I was starting to lose hope until we were directed to the Japanese Department store in MBK. I went a bit nuts grabbing 4 of everything, they only had the pastel blue which was fine with me. It looks like we will be eating off melamine for a while though. Oh well at around $1 an item or less it was probably more expensive than Chatachut but much cheaper than back home although I haven't been able to find it there anyway despite extensive searching. For lunch we found a small food area on Level 3, not the main foodcourt. This place took cash unlike the main foodcourt which has an annoying system where you buy vouchers and the return what you didn't use. I had a great Pad Krapow with pork and fried egg and Tina had a chicken curry with eggplants. We were both happy with our meals and reenergized for more shopping. After about another hour or two we called it a day and headed for the BTS loaded with bags wondering how we are going to get it all home...



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