Monday, 7 November 2011

Phuket Town Takeaway

After our MBK madness then surviving a crazy ride home in a taxi driven by a young madman Charlie was exhausted so we decided to exercise our back up plan and order takeaway from Phuket Town. It was curries tonight, we had Chicken Massaman with Roti, Southern Beef Curry and some fishcakes. All very tasty as usual. The Mussaman was much more like what we are accustomed to and the beef curry was lovely and rich and spicy. Roti with curry is always a great idea and we had to keep it hidden from Charlie of she would have claimed it all for herself.

We aren't sure about tomorrow but are ruining about heading back to Chinatown as I want to buy some noodle bowls and other assorted cooking implements. We haven't been to Silom yet and Colin is now in Bangkok at his condo so we may possibly meet him for dinner if he is available.



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