Sunday, 6 November 2011

Platinum Fashion Mall and Sweet Banana Roti

After a skytrain and a shirt taxi ride we arrived at Platinum Fashion Mall. It is more like MBK and had lots of small independent 'wholesalers', I say this because most vendors offer a wholesale rate if you purchase two of the same item. Tina and I went our separate ways and arranged to meet later. I headed to the 4th floor which of the 5 floors is the only one with men's clothes. I did pretty well and got myself a couple of pairs of tailored shorts and a couple of shirts. I met up with Tona after about am hour and she had more shopping to do so we arranged to mee up again after another hour. I was happy with my clothes shopping efforts and decided to go looking for food. As usual in Bangkok I didn't have to go far. I noticed a lot of people heading down a small laneway so I checked it out and found a few food and drink vendors but settled on a stall selling freshly made sweet roti. It's great to be able to watch your food prepared (and take photos) and this guy was really good. Roti is basically a dough that is stretched very thin then folded on itself a few times then fried to produce a deliciously wafer flaky crispy pastry. I ordered a sweet banana roti which obviously has banana cooked into it. To finish it off he has the condensed milk can with three holes punched into it and this is drizzles over the finished roti the it is sprinkled with sugar and cut into pieces. I was still pretty full from lunch but had little difficulty finishing most of it off. It was wonderfully sweet with a crispy crust and a soft banana filling. This was my first sweet roti but it definitely won't be my last.

Feeling pretty full I wandered around until it was time to meet Tina and of course told her all about my yummy roti experience. She really hates missing out and was not too pleased.

We then headed back to the BTS and as seems to be the way in Bangkok the footpath was lined with vendors selling all sorts of things so we ended up doing more shopping and hit Charlie a cool elephant train set and a tuk tuk made from beer cans. She loved both and it wasn't long before the elephants and tuk tuk were deep in conversation. This morning I also bought her a Nemo ballon that was also a hit.



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