Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Pra Chak dinner with Colin

For dinner we arranged to meet Colin at Pra Chak in Silom. It is famous for its roast duck and has been in operation for over 100 years, or so I read. Reception organised a taxi for us and annoyingly not a good one. After about 20 minutes of a nightmare bare knuckle drive there I paid him and we were basically ejected from the taxi. Just bad luck I guess, bad taxi drivers are nothing new but when there are no seatbelts it's not a great experience. We met Colin out the front of the restaurant and found a table upstairs. It mustn't have been our night because as the waiter presented us with the menus he informed us that the duck and the red pork was sold out! Feeling pretty devastated to have trekked so far for duck that was not available we settled on noodles with crispy pork, prawn wontons and crab meat. It was very enjoyable and I couldn't help ordering a second bowl. It was good to see Colin again who despite what he is going through with the flooding of his house and loss of so many of his possessions he was still is good spirits and looking very well and healthy. The restaurant was closing as we left and i noticed our waiter eating duck with noodles! He was very sheepish when i pointed this out to him. I guess he must have had a secret stash, I can't say I blame him as i'm sure I would have done the same. After dinner we wandered around for a short while until Charlie asked to go home. We dropped Colin off on our way and said our goodbyes. As I write this I just realised that we did not take any photos with Colin. I guess we were just too busy chatting and eating.



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