Friday, 4 November 2011

Siam Paragon

After making breakfast for ourselves in the apartment which was a nice change we decided to take the BTS to Siam Paragon for some shopping. The closest skytrain station is about 10 minus walk which we found quite ok. The skytrain was quite crowded but not too bad really. On reaching Siam station we headed for Siam Paragon shopping center. We don't do a lot of shopping centers at home so didn't really know where to start. We checked out Zara and I wasn't that impressed although Tina assured me the range was better than the Melbourne store, I just can't see what all the fuss is about. Not sure where to go next we took the east option and headed for the department store. The prices weren't cheap but you have to be impressed by the range they carry, there is just so much stuff. This is only bettered by how many staff they have, not that they seem to want to do much. Asking a question is usually responded to by pointing in the direction of another department and that's about it. We wandered around for a while until we reached the wines shoe department which Tina thought was 'amazing'. I didn't see it myself. Anyway Charlie and I occupied ourselves while Tina tried on many pairs of shoes that were mostly all 'amazing'. She settled on some leather sandals that were very nice. After Finally finishing up we headed for lunch. I had read about a food court frequented by mostly Thai so of course that's where we went. We found it quite easily and got ourselves a table. There were no English descriptions of any of the meals so it was a case of watching and pointing which is quite a good strategy even when there are English menus. I couldn't go past more soup noodles which before leaving Melbourne I had wondered whether I would enjoy in the hot weather. I well and truly answered that question many times since arriving. This time it was thin rice noodles (Sen Mee) with pork, pork balls, braised pork I a delicious broth similar to the boat noodle broth. I have my seasoning process down pay now and added a few swishes of fish sauce, some sprinklings of sugar and a spoonful if dried chilli. The bowl was so tasty I went straight back for another! At 40 Baht ($1.30) a bowl it's hard not to. Tina had a chicken stir fry with bamboo shoots which was lovely but I could tell she was eyeing off my noodle soup. After lunch we slowly made our way to Central World where I made another brilliant purchase of a Takoyaki maker. This is a Japanese product sold also in Thailand as it can be used to make Kanom Krok (and lots of other things), it was 1,600 Baht which is about $50 so I reckon it was a bargain. We were pretty tired by this stage and grabbed a taxi home. Although we did have a bit of traffic the fare was 100 Baht compared to 60 on the skytrain and walking back to the hotel.

In other news we have arranged for a babysitter tonight at 200 Baht an hour so we are on our own and going to hit the town! Actually we're not sure what to do but I don't think we'll have any trouble coming up with something!

Charlie insisted on taking some photos at lunch so I have posted them. I'm sure you can guess which ones they are.



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