Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Thai Massage

After lunch Tina took Charlie back to the room for a sleep while I searched for a wifi connection. I found one just up the beach and was able upload my backlog of Blog entries and check some emails. After hearing about Tina's massage the day before I decided I also needed one. I found a lovely massage place in a little hut on the beach and settled in for a one hour traditional Thai massage for 300 Baht. This massage was quite different to the one I had at Kata beach, she didn't use oil and instead it was more pressure point and stretching oriented. The massage lady was very strong and used her knees and elbows to dig into my muscles and twisted and contorted my body into stretches I didn't think possible. I had read that traditional Thai massage is like Yoga where someone else does all the hard work and I think this is a very accurate description. After an hour of being pulled and stretched I wandered back to the room feeling very loose and supple. Charlie was still sleeping so Tina took the chance to get another massage as her back has been a bit sore. I stayed with Charlie and read more of a book I had bought on modern Thai culture called 'Very Thai'. It is written by a westerner who has lived in Thailand for many years do it comes from a perspective I find very interesting.

Charlie slept for about 3 hours so she must have been pretty tired. Once we got ourselves organised we headed down to the beach before dinner and found Kheano there so he and Charlie took up where they left off earlier in the day and had a ball making sandcastles and burying each other in the sand.


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