Monday, 16 April 2012

Thai Thonglor 55

she says:

It was such a beautiful Sunday and I wanted to take Charlie to a different park for a play before we had lunch. Andy suggested a restaurant in Maribyrnong that he would like to check out so we went to a lovely park out that way on the river and then headed to Thai Thonglor 55 for lunch.

This place is quite different to most of the Thai and Vietnamese restaurants that we usually dine at.  Thai Thonglor has pulled out all the stops to create an upper market Thai restaurant.... cushioned leather chairs, wooden tables, over sized Thai style cutlery, Thai ornaments and flowers all help to create a lovely atmosphere that is cosy and comfy.

When we arrived, two staff members were sitting down to their lunch - we were very early to arrive at Thai Thonglor (around 11.30 am) and the first customers of the day so this might be the only time the staff get to have a quick bite to eat.  Of course eagle eye Andy instantly noticed that the staff members were eating Boat Noodles.  If you read this blog often you will know that Andy is slightly obsessed with Boat Noodles so there was no doubting what he would be ordering.

The waitress handed us the menu and after a quick scan Andy quickly realised that boat noodles were not on the menu. Ah, but that did not stop my little Boat Noodle man..... he pointed to the staff members and told the lovely waitress that he wanted what they had.  She had limited English and after some pointing and broken Thai conversation, she giggled and told us that Boat Noodles were not on the menu but that she would check with the chef.  It seemed to be quite a process for her to talk to the chef and there was a lot of back and forth going on but finally the chef agreed to make it for us.  And can I say thank goodness she did!!  Firstly I think Andy would have been gutted if she had said no and secondly the Boat Noodles were fantastic! The broth was very rich and flavoursome and the beef was very tender.  This meal is so moreish..... it is very very difficult to stop eating it and I really had to fight Andy for my share.  So a big thanks to Thai Thonglor for agreeing to feed us this dish..... and please put it on the menu!

We also ordered Pad See Ewe with chicken.  This was also very yummy - lovely crunchy veggies, delicate sauce and tender chicken combine to make this dish just lovely.

We also were served pig skin crackers and swilled all of this down with Cha Yen (Thai milk tea). The crackers are excellent (Charlie loves them) and the tea was lovely and creamy..... I have been making the tea at home and although my homemade version has improved it is still not as yummy as the ones I order at many Thai restaurants. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I suspect that I may not be adding enough condensed milk?

This is a lovely little place and not too badly priced for lunch.  We did get to glance over the dinner menu and that is more expensive but for a great night out in Maribyrnong it would be well worth it.

Thai Thonglor 55
40 Edgewater Blvd.
Ph. 9317 9880

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  1. WOW! That's so unreal you got to have the "staffies" meal! I saw those crackers in Springvale - now thanks to you I know what they are!

  2. Yeah god forbid the staff get some thing that you don't. Annoys the crap out of me.