Saturday, 16 June 2012

Hoy Tod Chaolay

he says:

I still had a bit of room left after Saew and also hadn't yet scratched my Hoy Tod itch from a few days earlier so I convinced Tina to walk about 15 minutes down the road to our old stomping ground Thong Lo where I knew I could find one of Bangkok's better purveyors of Hoy Tod (fried mussel omlette).

On our way I had to walk past this takeaway version of Pad Krapow for only 15 baht (50 cents). Definitely hard to pass up but I had Hoy Tod on my mind.

When it comes to Thai food I don't think you ever stop learning. I had always thought that Hoy Tod could be either mussels or oysters however going by this sign the oyster version is actually called Or Ror. You can get Hoy Tod at a few places in Melbourne, Middle Fish does a particularly good version so I decided to go with Or Ror.

The Hoy Tod Chaolay version of Or Ror is beautifully presented with crispy net like edges and had a wonderful flavour to back up the lovely presentation. As with Hoy Tod the dish should be doused with Sriracha chilli sauce then in my case consumed rapidly! Or Ror is such a different way of using oysters that some may find it a bit confronting, I have come to really love it. The oysters are succulent and plump and burst in flavour when bitten and the Sriracha provides the perfect accompaniment of chilli and saltiness. I have a feeling that I might just find another reason to be back over this way and when I do I really might as well pop in to try the Hoy Tod.


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