Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Jibgi Ped Yang

he says:

For lunch we turned to our trusty book 'Bangkok's Top 50 Street Food Stalls' and decided on Jibgi Ped Yang. It is located just across the road from Nang Loeng Market that we visited last time we stayed in Bangkok so we were comfortable we would be able to find our way there pretty easily. After the usual failed negotiations with a tuk tuk driver we hailed a taxi. So the deal usually goes, driver appears to have no idea where we want to go then offers to take us there for 100 baht. I counter with 30 baht hoping to end up somewhere in between and tuk tuk driver starts his machine and drives off about 2 meters. I assume expecting us to run after him. Anyway the taxi came along and we opted for air conditioned comfort. For the record he got us there for 50 baht.

Like most places in Bangkok Jibgi Ped Yang specialises in a particular meal, in this case it is red pork (moo daeng), cripsy pork (moo krob) and grilled duck (ped yang) served with rice.

I managed to successfully order two serves of crispy pork with grilled duck on rice using my rudimentary Thai. This amuses and confuses Tina as she has no idea what we are going to eat and it's often the case that I'm not too sure either!

For an extra 20 baht I also ordered the stewed duck broth. The soup was super flavoursome and contained a lovely piece of tender stewed duck on the bone.

After lunch we went for a bit of a wander around Nang Loeng Market, we shared a serve of Kanom Tuoy which is a steamed coconut layered dessert. I spotted this stall with a mini longtail display case that I assumes advertises that they sell boat noodles. We were too full to try anything else so boat noodles will have to wait for another day. 

I remembered reading an article about Bangkok's best fruit smoothies being sold at Nang Loeng and as we had a decent walk home ahead of us I thought we'd give one a try.

I had planned to order something pretty standard like watermelon or mango but while I was waiting I saw one being made with pineapple and some quite unusual fruit that I hadn't seen before. The lady was really helpful and gave me some of each to try and told me what they were called, of course I forgot the names within 10 seconds of hearing the. I do remember that they were really sour, even more so than lemon or lime.

I think it cost around 25 baht and was wonderfully refreshing on a very hot walk back to the hotel.


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