Thursday, 14 June 2012

Khun Dang

he says:

We first visited Khun Dang on our last trip to Bangkok and since then I have often thought of the delicious soup we tried that first visit. The noodle soup served at Khun Dang is absolutely superb and like nothing I've seen before. I not 100% sure but I think it is what the Thai refer to as a Vietnamese Noodle Soup however it certainly isn't like Pho or any of the usual Vietnamese soups that we all know and love. What makes this soup so special is the beautiful fresh rice noodles. At first I thought these were mung bean noodles as they have a slightly chewy glutinous texture but the restaurant manager happily informed me that hey were handmade rice noodles. Most of the food vendors over here are more than happy to explain aspects of their food if you are interested enough to ask.

The fresh noodles appear to be dusted in some kind of flour which I think helps give the soup a bit of a congee like consistency. The glutinous pork broth combined wonderfully with the slightly chewy noodles.

Another strong component of the flavour of this soup is the sliced pork and pepper loaf, you can see it in the bottom middle of the above photo. Also added to the broth are earthy mushrooms (I think shitake) and loads of crispy fried shallots. The deluxe version contains a soft poached egg, I can't imagine ordering it any other way. You also get pieces of tender braised pork and lovely little freshly made pork balls, not the processed kind which are also delicious. If you're in Bangkok this soup is worth seeking out. Luckily for us we are staying on Thanon Phra Artit and Khun Dang is right across the street. I'm pretty sure we'll be back at least once more before we head home to Mebourne.

I had to take a photo of this advertisement on a bus for safe sex. There's something about the pose of the unfortunate young schoolboy with his obviously pregnant girlfriend in the foreground that made me smile. Poor boy, he does seem a bit worried...


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