Thursday, 14 June 2012

Thewet Market

he says:

I have a bit of a thing for buying guide books that are out of date which often results in less that ideal outcomes for us... This is a great example. A couple of my books mentioned the Thewet Flower Market which is apparently very beautiful and also just a bit upriver from us, about a 20 minute walk. We headed off feeling quite confident that we knew where to go, at least a pretty good general idea anyway. I mean, surely a huge wholesale flower market would be pretty easy to spot. So after about 45 minutes of walking with a few u turns we decided to ask for directions. It turns out that the Thewet Flower Market no longer exists, I can only assume that it has moved somewhere else. This was a bit disappointing but also liberating as we no longer needed to keep looking. We did find a large wet market where we took some interesting photos. 



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