Monday, 20 January 2014

Gai Yang BBQ

he says:

These days I'm posting a lot less than I used to but I'm still enjoying eating and cooking new amazing asian food every day. For lots of reasons I just don't seem to find the time to write about it. Occasionally something new comes along and I feel compelled to share it. I love Gai Yang (Thai Grilled Chicken) and was cooking it up on my Tao for a few friends a couple of weeks ago. As usual I was struggling with massive flare ups from the sugary marinade that caused the usual blackened outside and undercooked inside. I mentioned to my friend my long term goal of making my own barrel BBQ that I once saw in a Lucky Peach article by Naomi Duguid. I just hadn't been able to find the right barrel. He suggested a beer keg and even better offered to bring me one. A couple of weeks later and a shiny stainless steel beer keg landed on my front porch! This is what happened next. 

Inner flange removed with grinder and steel cutting blade and Tao inserted inside. 

Ventilation hole cut to align with Tao air inlet. 

Wire hanging ring added.

Charcoal fired up and chicken hung to roast. The beauty of this system is that the chicken juices drip down the sides thus avoiding flare ups.

Juicy roasted tender Gai Yang, perfect inside and out.

Lid added and coals stoked and fanned to around 200 degrees.

The first of many batches of Gai Yang to be roasted in my fantastic new beer keg Thai BBQ.

Just add sticky rice and sweet chilli sauce and let the good times roll! Next up, grilled catfish - aroy mak mak!

This is the article from Lucky Peach that inspired my design - hopefully David Chang doesn't mind me posting it! It's a great magazine, definitely worth checking out if you're into food.


  1. Amazing recipe.

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