Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Momofuku Seiōbo

he says:

I used to hate Sydney. Now I love it. Not in a 'I want to live there kind of way' but in a 'I want to visit for a few days and eat myself stupid' kind of way. We recently had a chance to do just that and Momofuku was our first stop.

smoked potato apple

I don't have a bucket list but if I did Momofuku would be right up the top. I have never had a restaurant experience like it. Just incredible.

steamed bun pork belly

At first the online booking system looked like a complete lockout but a bit of persistent checking turned up a 1pm lunch reservation. Perfect! I quite liked the online system, designed to deter restaurant scalpers! I didn't even know they existed but they sound like bad people (with good taste).

crab chickpea amaranth

Lunch wasn't cheap at $110 pp but given that the meal went for 1 hour 45 minutes and included 10 incredibly complicated courses I decided it was actually really good value. The wine pairing at $75 was a mandatory addition for us. Oh yeah, loved this dish. Crab without the effort is so much tastier. 

eel dashi octopus turnip

I was given David Chang's Momofuku cookbook a few years back and although I haven't cooked a single dish I've read it cover to cover and back again. His take on Asian flavours is something special. Like this eel jelly! Who'd have thought. David Chang of course! This was paired with a gorgeous milky saké perfectly accompanied the Japanese flavours of the dashi and octopus.

potato parsons nose roe

When I read that the menu included a preparation of parsons nose I thought it was a bit of a piss take and it probably is a bit. Albeit an amazingly tasty one! We dined at the bar and definitely noted what an interesting way it is to enjoy a meal. Watching the chef's construct these beautiful dishes is very inspiring. 

egg cauliflower mushroom

The descriptions I have used are from the printed menu given to diners at the end of the meal. They probably don't do the complexity of the processes in each dish justice but I like the confidence of not having to explain how difficult it all is. We watched the chef peeling eggs to obtain these delicately runny yolks. No explanation required, it looked very tricky! 

mulloway carrot kelp

Maybe this was Momofuku's take on the classic meat and three veg. It tasted as elegant as it looks. 

chicken cucumber watercress

Each dish is presented to you by one of the chefs. Something I think might be quite challenging for a chef not used to dealing with the general public on a regular basis but definitely a good thing to get to see people enjoying your creations instead of being hidden out the back somewhere. 

curd blackcurrant mint

I was especially taken by the beautifully crafted bowls and plates in various complimentary colours. One of the luxuries of running a highly successful establishment is that you get to source wonderful items to compliment the delicious food you serve. Some of the items reminded me of the takeawei ceramics crafted in North Melbourne by my lovely friend Chela. 

peach almond thyme

Being an Asian food tragic I don't get to eat a lot of traditional desserts which means that when I do I usually go all gooey. This dish was absolutely superb. Definitely my favourite dish of the meal. Silky creamy peachy loveliness. 


And all too soon it was over. Would I return? Yes definitely! Next time for dinner. Fortunately the come down wasn't too hard as I knew we had a booking at Moon Park the following day...

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