Saturday, 11 February 2012

Korean Icypole

The other day Tina needed to drop into Michael's Camera to get a few photos printed. She has just started on the journey of learning about photography and already has taken some fantastic shots. My dodgy iphone efforts pale in comparison but hopefully soon she will take all the photos for this blog I'm sure you'll notice a significant improvement in quality. She is pretty lucky to have such a great subject though!

I was looking after Charlie outside the shop while Tina worked the automatic processing machine when I spotted one of my favourite things. A new asian grocer that I didn't know about! I wasn't getting too excited though as I suspected it was a Korean grocer and while I enjoy pretty much all asian food, Korean isn't at the top of my list and to be honest I don't know too much about it or cook it at all really. Anyway, that doesn't stop me wanting to have a bit of a wander around if only to see what they stock in case it comes in handy one day. I pride myself on knowing where I can get most of my favourite asian ingredients.

Charlie has just had a bit of a typical Charlie stack and splatted on the footpath so she needed a bit of a cheer up. It was a pretty hot day again so I thought we should check out the ice cream cabinet. With so many interesting looking options and absolutely no English descriptions on the packets, choosing was a bit of a lucky dip. I settled on a skinny ice pole with a blue and white wrapper that as I was purchasing the girl at the counter told me was soda flavour. That's a new one to me!

Charlie loved it and after a bit of negotiating I managed to swindle a few small bites. It was delicious! I think it was actually ice cream soda flavour. It had an icy lemonade soda flavoured outside with a smooth ice cream filling. And only $1.20!  

When we returned to collect the photos we grabbed two more so Tina and I could each enjoy one properly! I really loved the ice cream soda flavour combination, so refeshing. Perhaps it was a bit of a flash back to those days as a kid when we got the rare chance to enjoy ice cream spiders.

Now I' m left wondering what other hidden gems are lurking in that Korean grocers ice cream cabinet...


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